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The 3rd full-length novel in the Triumvirate series.

The hunger grows …

Since returning from the Alaskan wilderness, zombie Trey Matthews has felt different. He hasn’t told his partners, the vampire Alistaire and the werewolf Sean, but a hunger is building inside him — a deep, cruel craving that he fears he won’t be able to control much longer.

The hunger grows.

A new monster is preying upon Los Angeles. Unprecedented and grotesque, an enemy born of voodoo — the dark magic that brought Trey back from the dead.

The hunger grows!

Now, surrounded by unfamiliar mayhem and too familiar sorcery, Trey Matthews will be tested like never before, as he is pushed from within … pushed to feed!

“… worth the wait! … another 5 stars … Andrews’ writing has matured … outstanding … creepy, compelling, clever, and even stronger on the horror …”
– John Howard, Book Reader 222

“… will not disappoint … Andrews shows his strength for character building … made my skin crawl. In a good way! … a treat …”
– Marcus Alexander Hart, Author of One Must Kill Another