340 pages
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In the tradition of  The X-Men and the Wild Card anthologies comes a novel of superhuman wonder.

Five years ago, a celestial event – dubbed the White Flash – bathed the earth with its awesome glow. Almost immediately, some people began changing … and the Paranormal Effect had no discernable pattern. Age, race, gender … none of it mattered.

Anyone can change …
At any time …
In any way …

Now, the world is trying desperately to adjust. The United States government has formed the Paranormal Control Agency to deal with the new breed of paranormal criminals – rogues – but with precious few paranormal agents of their own …

At the center of the maelstrom stand four people:
Vortex, a young man with a vision;
Ensign Michael Takayasu and Shockwave, two agents of the PCA;
Powerhouse, a new paranormal desperate to protect his family.

The world will never be the same.

“… another delightful journey … [intriguing] writing style … the ability to draw the reader into each [character] … highly [recommended] …”
– Diane Sewell,

“Andrews is a master of character development … [we] see their motivations and dreams … richly executed personalities [drive] the plot forward …”
– Marcus Alexander Hart, Author of The Oblivion Society

“EXCELLENT … elevates [superhumans to a] meaningful level … more depth than you might expect … interesting [style] … impressive skill … loved this book …”
– John Howard, Book Reader 222

“… mix of normal and paranormal … reader sees things from all perspectives … characters are unafraid to laugh at themselves and others.”
– “7 Books for Lovers of Superheroes and Villains,”