Paranormals: We Are Not Alone

Paranormals: We Are Not Alone
424 pages
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Book Two in the PARANORMALS series!

Six years ago, when the White Flash washed over planet Earth, it left behind an unbelievable legacy: A small number of people changed — some instantaneously, some months or years later — giving them superhuman abilities. Sadly, most of these paranormals have chosen to use these gifts for their own selfish goals. Only a handful have joined the Paranormal Control Agency to help stop these rogues, with even fewer choosing the path of the hero.

But the Paranormal Effect was not the only astonishing change to take place. Within 24 hours of the White Flash’s appearance, SETI detected its first extraterrestrial radio signal … and then another … and then another.

At any other time in history, this would have been the biggest news of our generation, but for the majority of the global population, the superhumans among us took precedence over voices drifting from light-years away.

Except some of those voices are getting closer. A lot closer.

Now Vortex, Powerhouse, Lieutenant Takayasu and Shockwave must deal with more than superhuman criminals. They must face the wondrous rewards and the terrible consequences of our learning that We Are Not Alone.

“Another great read from Andrews! … didn’t disappoint … major new developments … really looking forward to a third book!”
Jamie Eisenberg,

“… deserves all five stars … action was great … superbly written … Shining Star was a great addition … well developed characters…”
Bubbles Hunty,