Of Wolf and Man

Of Wolf and Man:
296 pages
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Award-winning 2nd novel in the TRIUMVIRATE series. Two years have passed since werewolf Sean Mallory and his undead partners, the vampire Alistaire and the zombie Trey, crossed over into our world. The journey has been difficult, but the Triumvirate is finally adjusting to their new home. Now Sean has received a cry for help from northern Alaska. A pack of werewolves are on the prowl, slaughtering hunters with increasing frequency. But the Triumvirate soon learns that these werewolves are different from any they have before encountered. To make matters worse, all odds stack against them — the environment, the time of year, the lunar cycle, everything. Murphy’s Law at its worst. Crippled and outnumbered, how can the Triumvirate save the people of Alaska if they cannot even save themselves?

WINNER: IPPY book awards Bronze Medal for Horror

“Outstanding sequel! … everything that a sequel should be … interesting and creepy … addresses some bold issues, and does so very well.”
John Howard, Book Reader 222

“Better than ‘New Moon’ … Andrews is amazing with character … [won] an IPPY award bronze [medal] … should have won the gold.”
Marcus Alexander Hart, Author of The Oblivion Society